Damon braces vs traditional braces: Which is better?

Damon braces vs traditional braces: Which is better?

If you are looking for ways to straighten your teeth, there are several procedures and treatments that may be presented to you by your dentist or orthodontist. These solutions may include traditional braces, dental aligners, and Damon braces. Among these options, Damon braces vs traditional braces battle is the orthodontic clash that some patients want to tackle on. Which is better?

Damon braces vs traditional braces: What are Damon braces?

Damon System braces are what they call self-ligating dental braces. Self-ligating means there are metal clips attached to the braces and a mechanism that resembles a sliding door adjusts to gradually correct the positioning of the teeth. So, instead of getting elastic bands and rubber pulling and pushing the teeth to straighten them up, the gliding of your teeth movement is smoother.


Benefits of getting Damon braces vs traditional braces

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  • Faster treatment. Studies show that the use of Damon braces makes correcting your teeth alignment a little bit faster compared to using traditional braces.
  • Fewer office visits. Because of the self-ligating mechanism, your dentist would not have to see you every so often to change and tighten elastic bands attached to the brackets as what happens to traditional braces.
  • Easier cleaning. Damon braces have lesser components attached to the teeth, so if you compare brushing and removing food debris from your teeth, patients with Damon braces attests that it is easier to maintain and clean.
  • More comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Because the components or parts of this type of braces are smaller and fewer, it is less bulky and easier on the eyes than having geeky-looking traditional braces.


Disadvantages of Damon braces

Well, if the earlier mentioned benefits made you think highly of Damon braces, the following may make you think twice. Because if we can remind you, orthodontic solutions can never be perfect, but they can always have something as a means to improve.

  • They resemble traditional braces. Yes, though metals braces are more emphasized than Damon braces, they still have the same principle using the wire-and-bracket technique. This means that though they may be a little bit less obvious than the traditional ones, they are still noticeable if you are to compare them to their clear dental aligner competitors.
  • They cost more. Oh yes, they do. If you are choosing traditional braces as your orthodontic procedure, expect to spend within the range of $2000 to $7000. But if you think Damon braces are the best option for you, add a few more thousands to your budget because this orthodontic treatment could cost you approximately $4000 to $8000.


Correcting your teeth alignment, no matter what procedure you choose should be a priority than considered a luxury or a social status. Straightening your teeth not only will affect your looks but will definitely improve your dental health as lesser plaque and cavities will be able to develop if your teeth are easily accessible to be cleaned and maintained.


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