How Much Should I Expect For An Invisalign Express Cost?

How Much Should I Expect For An Invisalign Express Cost?

Can you imagine correcting your teeth alignment and your bite without other people noticing? That is the power of the Invisalign System. Marketing their process as the virtually invisible braces, Invisalign pioneered this innovative orthodontic treatment to address the shortcomings of traditional braces. As time passes, different variations of the treatment were introduced to the public, including Invisalign Express. Know what this type is, what makes it different from other Invisalign treatments, and the estimated cost of Invisalign in Australia, especially Invisalign Express cost.


Invisalign Treatment: The Advancement in Orthodontics

Invisalign systemWhat is Invisalign? By this time, you may have heard of this orthodontic innovation from your dentist, family, relatives, and friends who have teeth alignment problems. This is the newest option that addresses malocclusion using virtually invisible dental aligners that are custom-fitted to your teeth. Instead of the traditional wire-and-bracket system, removable dental aligners that resemble dental whitening trays are used to gradually move your teeth to their proper positions.


Why do more and more people choose Invisalign over braces?

Do not get us wrong; metal braces are still the go-to orthodontic procedure that people turn to when it comes to moderate to severe teeth misalignment. But since different Invisalign treatment options were introduced, more and more patients are choosing it over the traditional ones.



It is virtually invisible

We have mentioned earlier that the Invisalign treatment uses dental aligners made from durable thermoplastic that is clear and translucent, making it almost unnoticeable. You can now correct your bite and teeth alignment without getting unwanted attention.


It is removable

Orthodontic patients who are wearing braces often complain of inconvenience when cleaning their teeth and eating their meals. With the Invisalign treatment, like Invisalign Express, you can just remove your aligners so you can brush your teeth freely and eat your food hassle-free!


It is comfortable to wear

Nicks and cuts from metal braces are often part of the patients’ complaints. However, if they choose to have the Invisalign treatment, they can expect that the appliance they will wear is smooth, tight-fitting, and glides to the tongue and cheek like the surface of their own teeth, making it easier and less painful to wear.


What is Invisalign Express?

Invisalign ExpressThere are many options for getting an Invisalign treatment, and one of them is the Invisalign Express. The Invisalign Express system is a faster method of fixing the teeth when compared to the traditional way followed by the Invisalign aligner system. The usual Invisalign treatment requires approximately 20 to 30 sets of aligners that are going to be used systematically for proper teeth straightening. With Invisalign Express, the system only entails the patient to use 5 to 10 sets of invisible aligners. This type of Invisalign treatment is not suitable for other dental conditions, so it is imperative that a trained-Invisalign System provider assesses your orthodontic issue to make sure that Invisalign Express is the right option for you.


Invisalign Express Considerations

Dental patients who want to choose Invisalign Express as their treatment of choice may have any of the following orthodontic conditions:

  • Generally straighter teeth that focus on getting rid of minimal alignment issues
  • Small spaces in between teeth that can be addressed over a short amou8nt of time
  • Patients who have undergone an orthodontic treatment but were unable to maintain it with proper retainers

These patients need minimal effort to correct their alignment concerns so they can be considered suitable users of the Invisalign Express.


Invisalign Express Cost: How Much Would It Be?

Invisalign typesMany clinics and dentists who offer Invisalign and traditional braces in their practice would say that the cost of getting the former is not much different from getting the latter. What they need to determine is how well an orthodontic treatment is going to affect and address your alignment problem.

The Invisalign System may offer different treatment options with varying costs, depending on how extensive and how many sets of aligners are needed. It is difficult for us to give you an exact Invisalign Express cost, since it would still rely on several factors, like your dentist’s expertise, the complexity of your case, the length of time you need the treatment, and the location where you will get your Invisalign Express. But, just to give you a rough estimate to help you plan and budget your orthodontic expenses, you can expect that Invisalign express cost is lower than the traditional Invisalign treatment that could cost you between $3000 to $8000. The Invisalign website also offers a Smile Assessment, an option that helps you determine what type of Invisalign treatment would fit your needs depending on your orthodontic complaint. It shows you the type of Invisalign treatment that suits you, the expected cost that you need to prepare, and the nearest provider that you can turn to in order to avail of the treatment. Invisalign Express can be availed using various payment options, so inquire with your dentist or Invisalign-trained provider about the different payment schemes that they can offer to make your orthodontic treatment convenient and hassle-free.


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