Missoula’s Children Theatre: Perfect for Every Child

Missoula’s Children Theatre: Perfect for Every Child

Some children have already fallen in love with musical theatre, some are completely new to it but, no matter how much experience on stage they have, they all will feel at home at the Missoula Children’s Theatre. Part of the Missoula Community Theatre that opened its doors in 1998, it gives every child a chance to get into the spotlight and shine like a real star.

Why join the Missoula Children’s Theatre?

It’s both entertaining and educational: while having fun and enjoying themselves, children gain valuable theatre skills. Depending on the chosen program, the child can rehearse to perform in a professional musical production, spend a week mastering his theatre craft, or learn a small musical in just one day! What’s even more exciting, many shows that the children learn are World Premieres, meaning that they are the first people on the planet to ever rehearse and perform them.

Any child regardless of age will certainly find something to love the Missoula Children’s Theatre for. Those who are passionate about performing will be thrilled to play a role in the production of their favorite fairytale (The Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel, The Emperor’s New Clothes and so many more), and those who’d like to try working behind the scenes will be able to do that, too. There’s a big variety of non-performing and volunteering opportunities to choose from.

Missoula's children theatreSo, what are you waiting for? Your child will remember this experience of being on stage for the rest of his life! Even if he won’t carry on to become a professional actor in the future, performing from a young age will help your child gain a lot of confidence. That is one skill he will need, no matter which career path he follows! Finally, being in such a diverse community, the child will learn to respect other people and, who knows, maybe even make friends for life.


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