Ways To Celebrate Happy Puppy Day

Ways To Celebrate Happy Puppy Day

Every year many people celebrate what is known as national puppy day especially in Montana, USA. In most part of the world National Puppy Day is intended to all pets not just for dogs but to all animals that is part of the society and to our lives.  On this day many people take time from their normal routines to show love and appreciation to puppies. The primary purpose of the day is to encourage people to save the lives of orphaned puppies and inform them about the dangers of puppy farms. So, on this day how will you turn this national puppy day into a happy puppy day?

There are many ways to celebrate on this special day. If you have never taken part in the celebration, there are plenty of things you can do to show love and care to our animal friends.

== Children and Puppies ==

Your children may love puppies and want to own one. But they may not be well informed about how to care for them.

The truth is puppies are vulnerable to harm and ill-treatment. Children on the other hand may not be aware of this vulnerability. They may end up kicking, pulling the ears and tail of the puppy in the midst of fun and games.

The puppy may end up getting bruises or broken bones due to this; older children may kick harder than smaller ones.

Celebrate this day by taking time to teach your children how to be gentle to puppies. If you have a puppy at home do little demonstrations like stroking to show them better ways to make sure the puppy is safe and comfortable.

There are many other ways to celebrate this day. You don’t even have to own one to show support. If you are not a “puppy” person there are plenty of ways to raise awareness on this day.

Have a photo of a puppy printed on a white shirt. Wear the shirt on puppy day as you go on with your daily routine.

Dogs play such an important role in our societies either by keeping us safe or being our best friends. They are also in desperate need of love and care. Visit the local puppy orphanage and adopt a puppy. You may not see it but it will be a happy puppy day for that little fellow.


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