Ways on how to contour a crooked nose

Ways on how to contour a crooked nose

In a world where beauty is part of your overall personality, looking good has never been this important. People search far and wide for procedures that will improve the way you look, from the major transformations like breast augmentation and tummy tucks to the minutest detail like lip augmentation and nose reshaping.

But you have to realize that not everyone wants to change their looks, and there are famous actors with crooked noses like Owen Wilson, Tom Cruise, and Ashton Kutcher who made their noses part of their signature celebrity look. So, here are ways on how to contour a crooked nose to make you find the best way to enhance your facial profile with or without surgery.

Different ways on how to contour a crooked nose


Yes, ladies! There are different strokes and contouring that can help you improve the profile of your nose. This is the least invasive method that you can do to improve how your nose looks. Makeup artists develop different ways to sculpt and hide your nose’s imperfections through contouring and highlighting. You may need 3 shades of contouring pigments and two shades of highlighting powder to create the perfect shape and tone for your nose. The way to contour your nose depends on the flaws that you want to hide and the shape you want to emphasize. For instance, for crooked noses, makeup artists need to contour a straight line on both sides of the bridge and apply highlighter in the middle to make your nose line look straighter and more even.

Nose fillers

how to contour a crooked noseAlso known as liquid nose jobs, cosmetic clinics are now offering nose fillers or nonsurgical rhinoplasty to help reshape and create an illusion of a perfect nose without going under the knife. Using substances like hyaluronic acid, collagen, or transferring your own body fat, cosmetic surgeons and specialists improve your nasal profile by injecting these substances into strategic parts of your nose. This procedure can temporarily or permanently remove bumps on your nose, create a straight-looking nose, and make your nose look smaller without surgery and the long recovery period. However, if you are experiencing some airway and breathing problems associated with your crooked nose, this procedure will not help you solve them. So, it is important to realize then that nonsurgical rhinoplasty can only improve your nose aesthetics and not its function.


Commonly called a nose job, rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that addresses both functional and cosmetic improvement of the nose. It entails making the corrective breaking of your nasal bones and reconstructing it together with the cartilages to form a nose that accentuates your facial profile. If you have a nose fracture, makeup and nose fillers will only mask the imperfection and not correct the form of your nose. This makes rhinoplasty the best way for you to correct your crooked nose with the help of a surgeon in Rhinoplasty Sydney Cost clinic.

Improving your looks can be as easy as using makeup or as complicated as undergoing surgery. No matter which procedure you choose, the only thing more important than achieving your dream look is making sure that you are safe while getting your confidence back.


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