Do women have fear of aging?

Do women have fear of aging?

Wrinkles, sagging skin, and white hair signs that make any woman gasp and sigh — symbols of the unstoppable future that lies ahead — aging.

Is it just about the looks? Where could this fear originate? Are women afraid of aging?

Hollywood has set the bar high in terms of the “standard and acceptable” beauty. Thus, the proliferation of anti-aging products and services says it all. On the downside, aging then plummets a woman’s self-esteem. How often have we seen celebrities criticized for “getting older” How their coming-of-age has resulted in their misery compared to their once glamorous life

Amidst the poking into their lives, is the vast public shying away from their insecurities. They do not realize that this is the truth that everyone faces, even the rich and famous are not exempted. As gossips of high-profile figures go viral, so goes woman’s fear of suffering the same demise.

Losing their youthful appeal would that also result in being alone when they grow old? Single women lack the confidence to find their perfect match as they reach the mid-30s leading to their 40s. And for the rest, the fear that their partner leaves them for a younger woman resurface. The fear of being alone gets the better of us.

fear of agingThese insecurities get magnified with the realization that their lives were in the least interesting. Would they be ready to face death? Have they done enough? Or, have they wasted their lives living someone else’s dream?

Such are the thoughts that lead women to fear of aging the most. In the midst of it all is their insecurity of the women that they are. At the core, the answer relies on how every woman sees herself. She believes that the essence of a woman lies beyond her physical feature; it is her passion and faith that defines her. Despite her flaws, she emerges to be a scathe strong woman who loves life. Age is but a number you can defy with a youthful vibe that never goes old.


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