Beginner Chest Workout (Easy Gym And Home Routines)

Beginner Chest Workout (Easy Gym And Home Routines)

One of the few things that people usually like to improve when it comes to their physical appearance is having a well-defined chest. If you’re only starting to add this routine to your training, don’t worry because there are plenty of beginner chest workouts to choose from. In order to perform this, you will be needing equipment to work on your upper body and you can get it at

Working On Your Chest Muscles

All muscles in our body are connected to one another. Working on your chest muscles does not only improve your upper body and physical appearance but also refines its function which is essential for you to be able to do extreme workouts and various exercises.

woman with elasticsNot only that these muscles are in charge of the movement of the arms but it is also responsible for rotation, flexion, and adduction. Upper body workouts often involve pushing the arms away from the body with force.

Chest muscles are composed of 2 parts, the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The large muscle is called the pectoralis major which is also divided into two parts (clavicular head and sternal head). Underneath this muscle is the pectoralis minor. It’s important to keep the chest muscles strong because these muscles are used almost all the time of the day. You may not notice but simple movements such as opening a window, changing your bedsheets, and carrying heavy things involve chest muscles.

Gym enthusiasts are encouraged to include upper body workouts to their routine like bench press, push up, and beginner workout including chest fly. Having a strong chest muscle will them in carrying more weight and burn calories faster. Working on your upper body is recommended at least 2 to 3 times a week.


Beginner Chest Exercises

It’s quite overwhelming to choose which kind of chest workout will be more effective for you. Each type of exercise can strengthen your chest muscles and improve your upper body muscle size, but how can it really contribute to your overall physique?

Listed below are some of the few things that you can try next time you hit the gym:

  1. Pushup. Lifting your own body can be a challenge, to properly execute pushups, place your hand below your shoulders while keeping your arms straight. Position your hips in line with your shoulders as you lower your body to the floor.
    This exercise will require a stronghold of the wrist as most pressure will be on it. Beginners often execute this routine improperly, try to watch a video before performing pushup so will know the correct way to position your body.
  2. Bench press with barbell. The first step to do is to set up a barbel, for beginners, you may opt not to put weight first. To do barbell bench press, lie on your back and position your feet on either side setting on the floor.
    Hold the bar strongly and lower it down while keeping your hands just above your elbow, pause for a second and push it back up as you exhale. Avoid moving your head and neck and keep your eyes to the bar to make sure that you don’t lose your pattern. This workout will enhance the shape and increase the size of your upper body.
  3. Bench press with dumbbells. Lie on the bench while holding two dumbbells with equal weight. Let your feet sit on the floor and lift the dumbbells up extending your arms straight from your chest as you breathe out. This routine will improve the strength and power of the upper body as well as triceps and anterior pressing muscles.
  4. Medicine ball throw. This workout will be more enjoyable when done with a partner. Both of you will need to make a half-kneeling position. Hold the ball just in front of your chest with both hands and throw it to your partner with a force. Repeat this routine to improve your power and speed as it will target your abdominals and put your upper body in strong condition.
  5. One-arm decline bench press. Before you start, set the bench at a declined angle. Lie down on the bench and hold two dumbbells. Place your hands with one width gap and extend one of your arms up while keeping the other one stable and stationary. Repeat this routine while interchanging the job of your arms per set.
  6. Decline dumbbell chest fly. In doing this, retract your shoulder blades and unlock your elbow as you slowly lower the dumbbell keeping it at the level of your chest. Afterwhich, squeeze your pecs and push the dumbbells back to their position. Decline dumbbell chest fly targets the middle chest, upper chest, and shoulders.
  7. Incline dumbbell bench press. This routine targets the largest chest muscle which is the pectoralis major. This upper body strengthening routine is known as the impeccable bodybuilder. To perform this, lie on your back on a bench set to a 45-degree incline. Hold a dumbbell on each of your hands and keep your cores engaged. Lower the dumbbells to your chests’ side, pause for a second, and lift them again.
  8. Dumbbell press on the floor. Hold dumbbells on each of your hands, lie down on the floor, bend your knees, and engage your core and shoulder muscles. Lower your arm until it touches the floor and pause for a while before extending your arms in the air again.
  9. Cable chest press. Cable chest press can be executed in a standing and sitting position but both will be needing a cable crossover. For standing chest press, stand in between the two pulleys facing the opposite side. Place the stirrups in each of your hands, forward one foot in front making a half-kneeling position. Retract your shoulder blades engaging your cores while keeping your head and the rest of your body stable. Pull the cables in front of you until your hands’ touch and slowly put it back on its starting position.
    For sitting position, sit between the stirrups and keep your back planted against the bench and pull the stirrups in front of you letting your hands meet.


Home Workout for Upper Body

If going to the gym is not in the picture as of the moment, beginner chest workouts can be performed on a home set up. Gym equipment can help you achieve your chest goals faster but don’t belittle home workouts, these routines are not as easy as they look. It requires determination and discipline to form the correct position and execute the routine properly.

Beginners are encouraged to refer to online workout routines for more information. Several websites have available workout videos for everyone to watch.

Some of the home workout routines that you can do to improve your chest area include the following:

  • Clap-press up. Prepare yourself in a push-up position and start doing explosive push-ups while clapping your hands before your body reaches the floor. Remember to keep you back straight and firm.
  • Burpees. Start in a standing position while giving your feet a one width gap. Place your hands on the floor and do one push up. Jump back up and clap your hands before repeating the process.
  • Superman. Lie down facing the floor and place both arms just over your head and extend your legs fully. Prepare your core and abdominal muscles, now extend your hips and lift your legs while simultaneously flexing your shoulders and raising your arms before going back to the starting position.home push up
  • Farmers carry. If dumbbells are not available. Carry two gallons of water and hold it directly at your side and brace your core. Start walking back and forth while keeping your torso stable.
  • Decline push up. Find a bench or rectangular stool, big enough for your 2 feet. Position your body in a push-up posture but this time, place both of your feet on top of the bench. Start doing push-ups while squeezing your chest.

Planning to start your chest workout can be done as early as now. There are plenty of options on the internet to choose from and your local gym can help you in achieving your body goals and fitness. All you need to do is to stay focused, set your eye on your goal, and stay determined.


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