Tooth Pain after Crown

Tooth Pain after Crown

Having a dental procedure such as a crown can induce anxiety, especially when you start to consider things such as pain resulting from the procedure.

Here is a handy guide to what you can expect as far as having a toothache or tooth pain after the crown.

Placing a dental crown is normally a two-part procedure that takes place after a root canal. When a root canal is done, the dentist generally removes any decaying tooth and the nerve that it’s affecting, the tooth is then filled. After the initial procedure, most patients are sent home with a plastic cap, a temporary crown.

After the surgical site from the root canal is healed, you generally have your permanent crown placed. This is generally done within about two weeks of the root canal. Because you are given Novocain during the root canal and crown placement procedure, you shouldn’t feel any pain while the dentist is working. However, it is normal to have feelings of tenderness, some pressure and hot or cold sensitivity after the Novocain wears off, and sometimes up to a few weeks after the procedure. Most dentists recommend taking ibuprofen or other over the counter medication to deal with post crown placement pain.

tooth pain after crownIt is important to communicate with your Canberra emergency dentist at Definitive Dental clinic if the pain lasts longer than a few weeks. Long-lasting pain or hot and cold sensitivity could be due to a crown that was placed incorrectly or that is affecting the way you naturally bite. On the off chance that the dentist didn’t remove all of the tooth decay during the root canal portion of your procedure, intense pain or pressure could be a sign of bacteria build-up or infection. So see your dentist if pain persists. To help avoid these issues, make sure your dentist checks your bite after your crown is placed so that they can adjust the crown if need be.

Although tooth pain after crowns is a real fear that many of us share, it is generally mild, short-lived and can be treated with over the counter pain killers.


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