5 Key Pressure Point for Toothache

5 Key Pressure Point for Toothache

With lots of pain, your body may undergo stress. And aching of the tooth is one of those pains that should not be ignored. And for this reason, we are going to guide you through pressure point for toothache to help relieve you of that pain as you seek further medical intervention. You can also visit EmergencyDentistBrisbaneDR.com.AU to know some tips on how to relieve your tooth pain.

Pressure point for toothache:

Large Intestine 4: LI4

This pressure point is located between your index finger and the thumb. In most cases it’s used to relieve strains around the neck, strong headaches and stress- this point can also help relieve the pain of the teeth. You can find the point by allowing your thumb to sit beside the second knuckle of your finger index- the highest point of the muscle is where LI4 is found. When applying pressure, pinch the point with your alternate thumb and then hold for a minute until the pain melts away.

Small Intestine 18: SI18

The 18-Small intestine pressure point is the most used method of relieving toothaches, tooth decay and swollen gums. The pressure point is located perpendicular to the outside of the nose, and the eye also referred to as Cheek hole. It’s advisable that you apply pressure to this point gently so that you don’t injure some parts of the tooth and cause more damage.

pressure point for toothacheGall Bladder 21: GB21

This pressure point is a remedy to relieve neck, facial pains, and headaches. Gall bladder joint found in the middle of the end of your shoulder and the side neck. Applying pressure to this point can reduce aches. And being around the shoulder, isn’t it a cool place to start?

Stomach 6: ST6

This joint is located in the middle between the corner of your mouth and the bottom of your ear (earlobe). This muscle flexes when you put your teeth together. It is a widely used method of relieving tooth and mouth ailments.

Stomach 36: ST36

This pressure point works when you apply pressure while in a downward motion. The pressure point is located below the knee and is used to alleviate pains in the teeth when you have nausea, stress, and tiredness. Depending on your preference of the pressure points that you will be planning to take


If you are pregnant, ensure that you avoid using large intestine pressure point LI14 because it can lead to constriction of uterine wall which may affect your baby.


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