Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

Many people today are still skeptical or straight out afraid when it comes to chirurgical interventions, despite the fact that medicine has made tremendous progress lately. This is due to the fact that we live more agitated and fast-paced lives, anxious to the days that pass in the calendar which fewer people would be willing to deal with the recovery process after an operation such as the Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery, which we will have a look at.

The healing process and carpal tunnel surgery recovery time depend on a number of factors such as age, immune system, medical history and so on. But there are some general things to expect. After surgery, your hand will be placed in a cast-like bandage that will immobilize your hand. You would still be able to use it though, mainly for exercise, so that your fingers don’t go numb or to ensure that you do not develop muscle atrophy.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery TimeAfter the first week has passed, the bandage and the stitches will be removed. However, you should still be careful, and try to do nothing with your hand outside the physical therapy. For the next three weeks, you should be able to gradually start using your hand for different tasks, such as driving, typing or taking care of yourself. In the meanwhile, the use of a splint from time to time might be a good idea. After the fourth week, the main focus will be regaining your finger mobility. From the 6th to the 8th week, you will still have some symptoms like a little pain or numbness in your palm, but by now they should be nothing compared to the beginning, and they should all go away within a year.

Although it is a very simple and risk-free procedure, many people are afraid to undergo surgery mainly because they feel like they can’t give the wound enough time to heal. A piece of advice if you feel this way: go to your doctor and have the operation right away. Now that year of recovery seems a little better.


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