Is Pre-Workout Bad For You And What Does It Do?

Is Pre-Workout Bad For You And What Does It Do?

Ever wondered what fitness enthusiasts do to achieve their muscular and lean body? Aside from their regular workout routine, several factors are also involved in their workout programs such as a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and pre-workout supplements. Is pre-workout bad for you?- According to, anything that’s taken in moderation is safe, however, when it becomes an addiction, that’s when it becomes dangerous.

Principles of Pre-Workout

Pre-workout refers to the pre-workout supplements that athletes and bodybuilders take before their routine to enhance their exercise performance. The main objective is to improve their energy, boost their endurance, and prepare themselves for a heavy workout. The powdered supplement commonly contains ingredients such as caffeine and creatine, that is why the excessive intake of it is not recommended. When taken immoderately, it can cause several side effects like increased blood pressure, disturbed sleep, and anxiety.

How It Works

man mixing supplementUsually, the powder needs to be mixed with water to become a liquid drink. Sometimes, weightlifters even add some of it to their pre-workout meal by making a smoothie.

Its nutrients and ingredients will effectively improve your performance and help you stay focused on your routine.

Below are the common components of pre-workout supplements and how they work to help you have a productive and energized workout.

  • Nitric oxide. This can be naturally produced by the body mainly to help relax the blood vessels and moderate blood flow. Studies suggest that taking nitric oxide helps in burning fat and improving performance as it contains a combination of L-arginine and L-citrulline together with other dietary nutrients.
  • Caffeine. As we all know, caffeine can greatly enhance a person’s performance because it contains energy boosters that can uplift mental focus, attentiveness, and sharpness along with energized exercise performance. In addition to this, caffeine also contributes to burning excess fats.
  • Creatine. Creatine can be naturally found in the body. Specifically in the skeletal muscle where it plays a part in producing energy and strength in the muscles. This ingredient can be usually seen on protein shakes and pre-workout supplements but it can also be purchased as an isolated product. Taking extra creatine helps in the recovery time after the workout routine.


Side Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements

Many experts believe that even though pre-workout supplements can increase agility, mobility, and energy before exercising, it can still pose multiple side effects that can be dangerous to the body.

Upon intake of pre-workout supplements, you will instantly feel a great dash of energy within yourself. Depending on the actual supplements that you take, you might observe that the supposed benefits of the powder are speedily catching up to you. As a result, some people become too overwhelmed with its surprising advantages and end up being too dependent on the supplements. Over time, they become unsatisfied with the benefits and go on a search for intense and more addictive supplements.

Sadly, the uncontrolled consumption of pre-workout supplements could lead to unpleasant side effects if you don’t follow regular exercise. Side effects such as:

  • Trouble sleeping. People who usually workout at night often experience trouble sleeping after taking a pre-workout supplement. If this turns out to be an everyday scenario, insomnia might follow through. To prevent this, always read the ingredients indicated in the packaging, and if it contains caffeine, then it’s not a suitable supplement for night workouts.
  • Diarrhea. If you are the kind of person whose body instantly reacts to certain ingredients with laxatives, you might experience diarrhea after consuming pre-workout supplements. However, how you consume the product can also conclude to this side effect. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing how and when to take the supplements to avoid diarrhea.
  • Needlelike sensation throughout the body. This is one of the most common drawbacks of supplements. It can hit differently according to every individual’s level of sensitivity. While it may not be a serious side effect to be worried about, it can be quite uncomfortable when it’s on maximum effects.
  • partners in gym drinking waterHigh blood pressure. Any kind of stimulant has the ability to increase blood pressure. It is in their nature most especially in caffeine. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, it would be wiser to consult a doctor first before taking any pre-workout supplements.
  • Dehydration. Some ingredients of supplements can withdraw water and eliminate it from the body causing dehydration. When this occurs, a possible headache may follow. To avoid this from happening, make sure to drink plenty of water before and during your workout.

Keep in mind that the primary purpose of supplements is to help you improve your performance. They do not, in any way, contribute to making your body bigger and leaner. As a matter of fact, the powder does not have any involvement in the final results of your program. Take it moderately and always follow the serving instructions of your purchased pre-workout supplement. Keep track of your daily performance with this FitBit product.


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