Tired of Your Curved Nose?

Tired of Your Curved Nose?

Many of us desire to have a perfect face. Ideally, you should have big, round eyes, full lips, high cheekbones, and a straight nose. Many consider that one facial feature plays a huge part in telling whether a person is beautiful or not – the nose. How is it going to be, though, if you are born with a curved nose?

Many people believe that having a perfectly shaped nose will boost your confidence. In this modern age, attaining physical beauty seems to be the top priority. Let’s go back, however, to the question above. What will it be like to have a crooked nose?


What is a Curved Nose?

Crooked or curved nose is described as a nose that doesn’t follow a straight, vertical line down the center of the face. The degree of crookedness may be slightly subtle or very dramatic. This mainly depends on the reasons why a person has this feature.


What are the Causes?


Birth Trauma & Hereditary

I many cases, a curved or crooked nose may be acquired even before birth. It could be genetically transmitted. Also, this condition may be caused by injuries that were sustained during childbirth.



curved noseIn a few cases, autoimmune illnesses that damage the connective nasal tissue can weaken the structure of the nose. This means that the nasal cartilage and bone structurally weakens. This results in the nose adopting a curved shape.


Physical Trauma

Because of its bulge and facial location, the nose is highly prone to injury. Any sudden and violent impact may cause trauma. This can easily twist the nasal axis.

Examples of scenarios that may cause high impact are unintentionally walking into a wall, getting involved in vehicular accidents, or getting punched or kicked in the face when playing sports.

Complications Brought About by a Prior Surgery

Almost all nose surgeries are successful. However, in instances when a prior surgery brings out complications, one of the results can be a crooked nose. This will require another surgery to make the correction.


How to Fix A Curved Nose?

There are remedies for this, but it is always best to seek professional help from a licensed surgeon. Many doctors will advise you to undergo any or a combination of these two procedures:



You may undergo rhinoplasty in two ways. First, through an open approach wherein small incisions are made across the nostrils. The surgeon will have a visual perspective of the nasal structure for this method.

On the other hand, making incisions within the nostrils is the closed approach. After such, adjustments will be done to repair the crookedness by controlled nasal bone repositioning.



The nasal septum is the wall in between the two nasal passages. The upper third of the septum is typically made of bone while the rest is composed of cartilage. If a nasal septum is bent or deviated dramatically enough to cause a crooked appearance to your nose and cause functional issues, then a septoplasty is warranted.

This procedure involves removing parts of the septum or the wall in between the two nasal passages. In most instances, the central part of the septum is removed. Then, the rest of the septum is stitched back together or to nearby cartilage to ensure stability.


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