Is It Recommended To Have Laser Eye Surgery? (Astigmatism Treatment)

Is It Recommended To Have Laser Eye Surgery? (Astigmatism Treatment)

Many people today may want to find out natural ways to recover their vision loss. On the other hand, have you ever heard of laser eye surgery? Patients may often worry about how LASIK or laser eye surgery for the eyes is intrusive or not. However, having laser eye surgery astigmatism treatment has a same-day result. Meaning, patients may find this laser vision correction as one of the best option to cure vision loss. Patients may find this article very useful to know more about its benefits, its risks, and how patients can pay for the surgery through many financial insurance options. 


Why Do Eyes Experience Vision Problems?

Vision loss problems are different from blindness, which is a congenital disability. Many people today suffer from losing correct vision due to many health risks and concerns. Some of them may start with diabetes. Other risks can come from unhealthy eye exposure from sunlight, an eye tumor, accidents, and even eye rhinitis. Any eye disorder nowadays may need laser eye surgery to correct this vision loss successfully. In detail, disruption in the optic nerve from the artery, or any retina problems, a person’s vision may become blurry, fades away, or can even result in temporary blindness. 


What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery Astigmatism

Laser eye surgery has many names, but most patients may know the term LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis). Although there are other treatments to correct vision loss, most of these laser vision correction surgeries focus on correction of the cornea. The operation works by flapping the curvature of the cornea of the eye. It then removes the defunct residual cornea to make the eyes functional again. Laser eye vision technology today is not only limited to LASIK. As of recent time, several alternatives but similar laser vision correction can decrease possible risks in laser eye surgery.


Benefits Of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery Achieves 20/20 or 20/40 Vision

The main goal of any laser eye surgery or laser vision correction is to get a full 20/20 vision at least again. Some eye doctors suggest that about 80-85% of their patients gain their 20/20 eye vision after a successful recovery. 

Fast Results

Since the method of the eye operation is nonintrusive, the patient may expect to have quick results. Same-day treatment is a good guarantee for these eye vision issues. Of course, it is still the best decision for patients to at least rest their eyes after any operation to avoid stress. 

No Bandages Or Stitches Required

With the same idea, as mentioned above, having no surgical operation also is a benefit. However, the patient may still have to undergo mild anesthesia such as local anesthesia to numb the pain. But, you won’t have any stitches, incisions directly in the skin, or tools that may cause trauma. On the other hand, it is best to ask your eye doctor on what kind of laser eye surgery astigmatism treatment will happen. 

Discontinue Eyeglass or Contact Lens Use

Ultimately, a person’s wish to discontinue using eyeglasses or contact lens can be a dream. With a laser eye surgery astigmatism treatment, it may regain the natural way of seeing once more. 


Can A Laser Vision Correction Really Work?

Laser Eye Surgery Astigmatism TreatmentMany critics of the laser vision correction or laser eye surgery treatment may have good points on how it doesn’t work for everyone. According to many optometrists, doctors of the eye, people around the age of 40 and above may not see the full benefits of having a LASIK or laser eye surgery. That is because the residual cornea, which is one of the critical components in the laser vision correction, is gradually fading. Without the right amount of the remaining cornea, it may be hard to do the operation. Hence, many doctors still suggest natural approaches to support eye loss. Older patients may want to ask an optometrist or an ophthalmologist for the proper vision correction for their eyes.


Are There Alternatives For A Laser Eye Surgery? 

If you are convinced that LASIK or any laser eye surgery or laser eye vision correction may have some problems, you can find other nonintrusive eye treatments. However, these are more of a natural, diet-based approach that includes prevention of diabetes risk, stroke, and other health issues. Some people also look for alternative medicine in the form of supplements for eye arteries. Of course, you may want to stick using ophthalmology devices such as eyeglasses, lenses with an upgrade on their materials. Visit an eye clinic for an optometrist to diagnose symptoms of eye diseases as soon as you can. 


Does Health Insurance Cover Laser Vision Correction Treatments?

Sadly, many health insurances don’t consider LASIK covered by their packages. With this concern in mind, any patient may find it better to ask doctors from hospitals or eye clinics for a financing plan. However, some of these health insurances may have partial coverage with the examinations, tests, and other diagnosis fees. Furthermore, many patients may find it better to also look for community eye clinics for financial expenses. If you are looking for a better laser vision correction treatment as well, check out the online reviews of these eye clinics and make sure to ask your eye doctor


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