6 Reasons Why Your Eyes Feel Tired (Prevent Eye Issues)

6 Reasons Why Your Eyes Feel Tired (Prevent Eye Issues)

Are you wondering why your eyes feel tired and look drowsy all the time? If your facial expression is grim and dim, you may look deep within your health. Hence, a person may indicate illness symptoms just by how their face looks. Significantly, the eyes can express feeling fatigued from several causes. You can take care of your eyes when working by taking a break from the computer screen. Unhealthy habits can also cause eye strain, infections, or diseases that can lead to many health complications. Here are some other thoughts that may encourage you to visit an ophthalmologist’s clinic.


What Are The Reasons Why Your Eyes Feel Tired?

Dark circles or puffy eyes after a good night’s sleep may confuse many people who practice good sleeping habits. Sometimes, eyes feel tired not because of sleep, but due to health concerns. The muscles of your eyes after reading for a long time can make it heavy and irritated. Fatigue damages your overall wellbeing, so it may be best to examine your eyes as early as possible. Check out the six reasons why your eyes feel tired of medical and vision care experts. 



Allergy on the skin around your eyes, eyelids, or near the area can make you feel tired. Fatigue due to allergy can be present for both men and women. Allergies cause blood vessels to dilate, making “mast cells” produce chemicals that cause inflammation, tearing and itchiness. Some examples of allergic reactions can come from air pollution, dust on your bed, pollen on flowers and grass, and animal hair. 


Eye Infection

Stuffy eyes with redness or swelling are symptoms of an eye infection. Bacteria causes inflammation and fluid stored on the skin under the eyes. Apart from bacteria, viruses and fungi can also make your eyes have a severe eye infection. Pain in your blurred vision must have careful steps to prevent the spread of your body’s illnesses. 


Due To Dehydration

Dry eyes can be dangerous for people that take long hours of using their eyes for work, school, or electronic gadgets. Water is an integral part of maintaining eye care. According to doctors and eye care centers, water helps the rejuvenation of cells to prevent dry eyes. Moreover, if you see other signs in your dry eyes such as pus or inflammation, seek immediate medical care. 


Computer Vision Syndrome

Sensitivity to a computer screen, particularly light that emits radiation, can affect your eyes. Consistent eye strain can be dangerous, as prolonged computer use can lead to computer vision syndrome. 


Aging Process

Seniors and older adults tend to have droopy eyes from a lack of collagen in the skin. Moreover, high blood pressure also affects the eyes, making it look tired. Underlying medical conditions in older people can include eyestrain, sore eyes, fever, and a long time of discomfort. If you know a family relative with possible underlying medical problems, visit a local hospital.


Lack Of Sleep

Eyes Feel Tired

Ultimately, one of the common reasons for your dark eye bags is caused by unhealthy sleeping patterns. If you lack sleep, your cells won’t regenerate and may contribute to your tired eyes. Suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and other mental health issues can also cause restlessness, fatigue, and feeling tired all the time. 


Are There Serious Health Problems When Your Eyes Feel Tired?

Eye disorders such as the lazy eye (strabismus amblyopia) can be acquired during birth or develop in children to teens. Late symptoms of eye disorders such as glaucoma or cataract can start from eyes that feel tired always. You may have to find immediate treatment for a long – time eye condition that glasses can’t fix. An eye doctor can also offer professional advice for your continuous eye strain. 


Other Ways To Stop Eye Problems:

  • Wash your hands before touching your eyes or face
  • Don’t wet your eyes with water immediately after you wake up
  • Have an appointment with your eye care doctor regularly
  • Take breaks on the screen
  • Ensure that your eyeglasses are up to date

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