February: National Children’s Dental Health Month

February: National Children’s Dental Health Month

The American Dental Association (ADA) declares every February as the National children’s dental health month. Every year, they think of a campaign slogan to encourage children, parents, teachers, and other dental professionals to strive harder in maintaining the dental health of the new generation. This year, the slogan was “Brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile”. Although February is done and we’re entering the last quarter of the year, it is never too late to answer the call. Check out BID’s clinic located in Castle Hill, NSW if you’re looking for a child-friendly clinic in the downtown Sydney area.

How do we become advocates for dental health?

If you want to be active supporters of children’s dental health, the ADA issues yearly copies of different activities that promote dental healthcare for kids. They are in the form of activity sheets, puzzles, and mazes that entertain and educate kids on how to better care for their teeth. If you also have extra money, you can help disseminate the information by getting in touch with your local newspaper, radio, and TV programs so they can help circulate the information.

How do we better care for our child’s teeth?

We understand that you are doing your best for your kids, so if you are not yet doing this in your household, here are some effective tips to make brushing an enjoyable moment for you and your child.

children's dental health monthUse an hourglass timer. It is advised that brushing for 2 minutes twice a day is ideal for kids and letting them have a physical timer that they can observe or watch makes it easier and lets them set a goal within themselves.

Make it a routine. For school kids, schedule your brushing time before school and before going to bed. This routine will teach them discipline in following instructions and schedule.

Use flavored floss. Daily flossing may seem too much for your child, but to make sure that their teeth are thoroughly cleaned, flossing really is a must. You can use sugarless flavored floss so your kid can somehow enjoy flossing and not get disgusted by the smell of trapped food in between teeth.

Add music to brushing. Choose nursery rhymes or their favorite upbeat song and play it for 2 minutes. If it’s longer, jump to the part that they really love, so they can enjoy brushing more. You can visit DDII’s clinic in Gosford NSW to make sure your kids have a healthy set of teeth.


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