Breast Implant Removal without Replacement

Breast Implant Removal without Replacement

When deciding to remove breast implants, there are two options you have to choose from. There is the implant exchange option, where the original implants are removed and then replaced with new implants and then there is the implant explant option. This is where there is breast implant removal without replacement with reshaping of the original breast tissue to have a more natural look.

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There are several reasons people choose to completely remove their implants, such as:

  • Breasts are too large,
  • Causing pain
  • The implants have ruptured
  • The implants have developed capsular contracture
  • Infections

Some people just want to achieve a more natural look and don’t want the maintenance of implants any longer. Lifestyle changes could also contribute to the removal of implants.

Breast implant removal without replacement surgery consists of a 2-3 hour surgery under general anesthesia with the individual typically being able to go home that same day. Depending on the exact surgery, whether the person is receiving a breast lift or other procedures with the removal, recovery time can vary but is typically easier than the original implant surgery. Most people report minimal discomfort and are able to return to their normal activities within a few days. As mentioned before, if the removal was due to health problems, recovery time could take longer. After the removal, it is also important to follow the instructions of your surgeon to promote the best recovery possible.

breast implant removal without replacementAs with all surgeries, complications can occur such as blood clots, however, with highly trained surgeons, risks are typically minimal. It is also important to remember that after the removal surgery, the breast will look deflated and will take some time after recovery to regain their volume. Scarring is another factor but again, with a good surgeon, scars will be minimal and fade over time. When deciding on a breast implant removal surgery, make sure to do research and find the best option for you and your needs.


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