Toe Fusion Recovery Advice

Toe Fusion Recovery Advice

Have you recently had toe fusion surgery on your arthritic big toe? Then you’re probably wondering about the recovery process. For instance, what happens during and after surgery? And more importantly, what should you do to help in your recovery? Let Home Doctors Gold Coast provide the best and affordable home doctor visiting service you need anywhere in the Gold Coast area, Call us now! Here’s all you need to know about toe fusion recovery advice.

What is Toe Fusion Surgery? toe fusion recovery advice

This is a surgical procedure to treat a stiff, painful, arthritic big toe or hallux rigidus. Performed under local or general anesthetic, the surgery straightens the bent toe by holding the joint straight with internal wires, screws, or clips. The result is a pain-free and slightly mobile toe.

What to Expect Immediately after Surgery

After the surgery, your big toe remains numb for a while as a result of the local anesthetic. It also has wires protruding from the bandages at the front end. Although they may be unnerving at first, the wires cause no pain or discomfort and are painlessly pulled out after about a month.

Also expect to start seeing a physiotherapist, who helps you walk during your recovery and recommends padded shoes. In addition, you receive painkillers and TOE FUSION RECOVERY ADVICE from your surgeon, who then books your outpatient appointments.

What to Do in the First Few Weeks of Recovery

In the first few weeks after surgery, do the following to aid in your recovery:
• Don’t exert weight or pressure on the operated toe
• Keep your foot off the ground as much as possible to control swelling. If you can keep the foot above the level of your chest, the better.
• Take the pain medication as prescribed by the surgeon
• Keep off of anti-inflammatory drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, which may delay the healing process
• Expect some blood to ooze into the bandage
• For the first four weeks, cover the toe in a waterproof material when you shower.
• Shower with the toe uncovered after four weeks, but dry the wound soon after
• Leave the scabs on your wound to fall by themselves. Don’t pick at them.
• Consult your surgeon if the swelling persists or re-occurs.
• Wear only padded physiotherapy shoes for four to six weeks.
• Schedule follow-up appointments to have stitches and wires removed, and your progress reviewed


Recovering from toe fusion surgery is a straightforward process if you know what to expect during surgery and what to do afterward. And after six weeks, you can resume a normal life, including walking and driving.


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