How to ease braces teeth pain?

How to ease braces teeth pain?

Whether you get new braces on or you have just got your old braces tightened, many people experience braces teeth pain and need something which can quickly alleviate the pain.

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Here are some tips:

If you experience a great deal of pain after visiting your orthodontist then it’s recommended to take some pain killer to relieve the pain or it’s better to ask your doctor to recommend something which helps release the pain.

A simple cold glass of water can also help relieve the pain of braces as it decreases inflammation. A cold glass of water can also be substituted for an ice pack which can temporarily numb your mouth and you will not feel discomfort for some time.

Massaging your gums can also relieve braces pain. For swollen gums with braces in place, you can simply massage in a circular motion on your gums with your finger.

An orthodontic wax which is free from all chemicals (non-toxic) can be used to avoid irritation which is caused by the brackets of your braces. This wax helps creates a barrier between brackets and your mouth and you can avoid sharp edges to poke inside your lips and mouth which cause swelling and irritation.

braces teeth painTry to consume soft food in the first couple of days so that it doesn’t irritate your gums and when you are adjusted with new braces, you can eat whatever you like. But in the beginning, try to have soups or cereals and avoid candies and other sticky or hard foods.

Your teeth need time to align and settle with the new braces so be patient and the pain will gradually start to disappear. You are also required to keep your braces clean whether they are wired or Invisalign aligners to avoid inflammation or tooth decay which may arise due to food particles stuck in your teeth and braces. Make sure that when you are wearing braces, you keep dental hygiene as a top priority to avoid further issues with your teeth.


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