Healing Meditation  You Can Practice

Healing Meditation You Can Practice

When you’re in a gloomy or angry state, you will send out negative vibes into the universe, but they will also stay inside you and influence you and your health both physically/ mentally. Meditation can help you to get rid of these damaging energies and feelings and replace them with more positive ones that can help you improve your health.

This small exercise will guide you through a healing meditation, where you will have to use your imagination and ability to visualize the healing process. So find a quiet and peaceful place where you want to do your meditation. Choose a meditation posture that you are comfortable with and take a short moment to settle.

Energy Healing Exercise Process

Step 1

Close your eyes and take a deep breath all the way down into your abdomen. Feel the air removing all thoughts and frustration from your body as you breathe out. Take another deep cleansing to breathe and breathe out the rest worries you have inside.

Healing Meditation You Can PracticeStep 2

Now visualize that above you is a foggy golden cloud of energy. This fog is very shiny and sparkly, and from where you’re sitting, you can already feel its energy. Now visualize the fog slowly falling down and gets closer and closer to your body. Let the foggy cloud of energy reach you and totally surround you.

Step 3

See the beauty of this sparkly cloud around you and feel the intense energy coming from this could. Feel the energy merging with your own energy body and filling it with positive and loving power while removing negativity. Feel yourself getting healed and worry-free while sitting in the middle of the wonderful fog. Allow yourself to connect with the energy

Continue this healing exercise till you feel totally energized and balanced and then slowly open your eyes and return to your day.


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