Getting The Best In Gum Health: What Is A Periodontist?

Getting The Best In Gum Health: What Is A Periodontist?

What is a periodontist? How can these specialists help with the maintenance of good oral health? The following article will talk about how these specialized dentists contribute to oral health, and why we will benefit from having an appointment with them. After reading the article, you can visit Toothsome’s periodontic clinic in Sydney for all your periodontic needs.

What is a periodontist?

Periodontal specialists are dentists who specialize in periodontal disease. They work to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases of the gums. They also specialize in the placement of dental implants.

Periodontists are also dentists, but they have another three years of school and training under their belts. These extra years of education add to their expertise in dealing with gum diseases and make them familiar with the latest techniques in the field.

What are the dental issues that a periodontist can treat?

A periodontist checks the mouth for signs of gum recession as well as check if there are any loose teeth. Tooth loss can be a result of unhealthy gums that were left untreated for some time.

Periodontists treat minor, moderate and severe gum diseases. Examples are mild gingivitis to severe periodontitis. In some cases, these gum issues may lead to spaces in between the teeth and gums, called periodontal pockets. They also check and assess the health of the jawbone below the gum line.

When to visit a periodontist

It is not uncommon for a dental practice to employ both a general dentist and a periodontist. Both specialists will usually work hand-in-hand in the prevention of tooth and gum issues that may afflict a patient.what is a periodontist

If a general dentist detects a deeper problem with the gums of a patient, they will usually refer them to the periodontist. If there is no periodontist employed in that particular dental practice, the dentist can refer the patient to one.

Visiting a periodontist will help maintain overall oral health. Many people think that they only need to take care of their teeth, when in fact the gums need to have equal care and attention as well.

Maintaining healthy gums

If you are unaware of how to maintain healthy gums, it is a good idea to visit your periodontist. If you do not have a periodontist, your dentist will be able to give you advice on how to maintain healthy gums.

Brush the teeth as well as the gum line

When you brush your teeth, make sure that you make your toothbrush run on your gum line as well. This will ensure that any bacteria that are hiding on the jawline will also be wiped out along with the ones that are on the surface of the teeth.


Make sure to floss and get in between the teeth to remove any food particles that are lodged in those small spaces. Floss until you reach the bottom of your teeth.

Use an antibacterial mouthwash

An antibacterial mouthwash is a good idea to help reduce the bacterial build-up in between brushings. You can use mouthwash if you cannot brush right after a meal.



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