The Technology of DIO Implant

The Technology of DIO Implant

Advancement in technology in the dentistry sector has led to great improvements and now people do not dread visiting dentists as said technology has minimized the discomfort associated with dental procedures. Now more than ever, people are actively looking for dental services for improved oral hygiene. People have previously shy away from dental implants but thanks to the new DIO implant technology, people can now get implants without much of a struggle. If you’re considering dental implants though, you might wanna check on the tooth implant cost in Sydney for price comparison.

How does it Operate?

With DIO implant technique, the dental surgeon drills small holes through the gum and into the jaw bone with computerized surgical precision. The procedure takes into account the safest trajectory as well as implant depth plus trajectory. The dental surgeon then installs DIO implants in the carefully drilled holes.

What are the Advantages of DIO Tooth Implant

  • DIO implant technology offers a modern solution to dental problems for both dentists and patients. Many dental surgeons recommend DIO tooth implants because of their safety and efficiency. DIO Implant
  • Dio implant technology is a breakthrough technology that uses 3D computer to diagnose dental problems and install implants in a patient’s dental cavity. This technology allows the dentist to check the placement of bone tissue and nerves which helps prevent the damage of internal nerves in the patient’s oral cavity.- Dio technology also offers more comfort to the patient as compared to traditional methods of tooth implant.
  • The implanted tooth is placed in a manner that ensures that the tooth is firmly placed and stable. You as the patient will not suffer complications after the procedure is done on your oral cavity. In some instances, the dental surgeon uses cold laser therapy to enhance physical comfort before the start of the procedure.
  • The procedure ensures quick recovery with no chance of bleeding, infection or swelling.
  • The procedure takes between 15-20 minutes for a single implant which translates to less dentist chair time for the patient. DIO tooth implant procedure is time saving.
  • The procedure also ensures that there are no sutures.

In summary,

The DIO tooth implant surgery is a simple, easy but effective dental implant solution that makes use of flap-less surgery method that has drastically revolutionized the process of teeth replacement.


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