Pilates Exercises For Beginners: Introductory To Your Health and Fitness!

Pilates Exercises For Beginners: Introductory To Your Health and Fitness!

Are you a beginner? There are several pilates exercises for beginners. If you are looking for pilates equipment and accessories, Home Pilates Machine Australia has the answers. Just click the link and poof! You are already there! Head on it, right now.

What is pilates?

Pilates is a kind of exercise with a low impact. It helps improve the strength of the muscles while also improving postural alignment and flexibility.  Pilates workout mainly targets the core; however, it also works on other areas of the body.

With or without equipment, you can do Pilates exercises. In case you have decided to incline yourself to this type of exercise, you should expect that the movements will be slower, precise, and involves breath control.

A typical Pilates workout takes around 45 minutes to one hour in length of time. Let us discuss the Pilates exercises for beginners.


What are the Pilates exercises for beginners?

There are several beginner pilates exercise programs to choose from as you are starting up. You can build up a strong foundation using beginner Pilates. In this case, you would be able to grasp the Pilates method in accordance with the classical exercises that Joseph Pilates developed.

If you want to try beginner Pilates at home, you will be needing a mat. this mat is a tad thicker than the standard yoga mat. In a Pilates class, you might experience using a machine called a reformer. A reformer is a sliding carriage that includes a fixed foot bar, springs, ropes, and pulleys to provide resistance.


Sample beginner Pilates exercises you can do at home

You can do the following Pilates moves to build a strong core. Having a strong core opens up the beginning of having a strong body. The core is not just about the abs. The core pertains to all the muscles in the mid-section of your body, both in front and back.

  1. Pilates teaser: It is one of the most common ab-focused exercises that you can include in your workout.
  2. Side plank: It provides balance to support the body, strengthens your shoulders, as well as improves lateral torso control.
  3. kneeling arm and leg reachKneeling arm and leg reach: It develops the core strength as well as increases the balance and stabilizes the shoulders.
  4. The Pilates 100: This actually helps to strengthen and form the abs. This focuses on the transverse abdominals where the deepest set of muscles located in the lower belly.
  5. Mountain climbers: This type of exercise is slower in motion as compared to the one with the bouncing of toes. Mountain climbers will be helpful to build cardio endurance and core strength.
  6. Single leg stretch: It strengthens the core and promotes stretching of the back of the leg and hip flexor observing a slower motion.
  7. Scissor kicks: It generally works the core muscles, glutes, quads, and adductors.

There are so many more Pilates exercises that you can do at home. You are free to choose from them and create your own program at home. This way, you won’t get easily become bored at it. Especially knowing that Pilates exercises are low impact type of exercise. Generally speaking, there are several benefits that we can achieve in doing Pilates exercises. Grab them below.


Benefits of Pilates exercises

  1. Your flexibility will surely improve.
  2. Increases your muscle strength as well as tone your core muscles.
  3. The muscular strength on both sides of the body will become balanced.
  4. You may enhance the muscular control of your back and limbs.
  5. The stability of your spine will surely improve.
  6. Additionally, the posture will be greatly affected positively.
  7. You will be able to prevent musculoskeletal injuries.
  8. Your lung capacity and circulation will increase through deep breathing.
  9. There will be an improvement in your concentration.
  10. These exercises are exactly for stress management and relaxation.

Who can do Pilates exercises?

Everyone can do Pilates exercises, whether beginner or at an advanced level. You only need to ensure that you are knowledgeable enough about the basics of the exercises. The Pilates exercises push you to put yourself into unstable postures that lead to challenging your body through the movement of limbs.

Pilates is a type of exercise that involves slow, sustained movements while using abdominal control and proper breathing. In this case, it is greatly necessary that the quality in each posture is maintained well, rather than the number of repetitions as well as the energy while you are moving.

On the other hand, before pushing through Pilates exercises, it would be best to seek medical advice first. This is to verify if the physical condition is well-fitted for this. Those who need medical attention first are the following.

  1. People with recent surgery.
  2. pregnant woman doing her exerciseWomen who are pregnant.
  3. People at the age of 40 years and above.
  4. Individuals with a pre-existing medical condition – for example, heart disease.
  5. Individuals with injuries or disorders on musculoskeletal.
  6. People who have not done exercising for a long period of time.
  7. People who are suffering from obesity.


Things to be mindful about

Regular exercising is basically needed to keep our overall health in a good state. However, we always have to keep in mind to secure our safety first. No matter how much we wanted to do exercises, let us consider our limitations and present conditions.

Exercising is the best and most effective if our present condition is in good shape prior to pushing through any exercise. Most especially if the exercise you want is quite deep and challenging. A professional trainer would be the right person to guide you.


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