Jogging Vs Running: Catching Up Towards Your Fitness Goals

Jogging Vs Running: Catching Up Towards Your Fitness Goals

Jogging vs. running, which one do you prefer between them? Both of them are physical exercises that differ only with the efforts you’ll exert from doing them. On the other hand, you can add up a little excitement while doing any of them. Find treadmills for sale online because they can help you monitor your progress as well. Additionally, treadmills now offer a lot of features that you can enjoy towards your fitness goals.

Jogging vs running

An exercise routine can vary depending on your fitness goals. However, your workout plan will not limit the exercise to a particular body part only. You have to work out your body as a whole. This article will show how either jogging or running works for your body as a whole. Let us try to understand their similarities and differences.

Jogging is also running. However, it only exerts simple efforts while doing it. Jogging is somehow like a slow form of running. It is one of the low-impact activities that an individual can do but will still achieve several fitness benefits.

Meanwhile, running is an intense form of jogging. Running requires an individual to be athletic. It follows a faster pace of foot movement. Running became a form of physical exercise or sport, which evolved from jogging.

Jogging and running have some noticeable differences. We have indicated these differences below. You can also watch this short video stating the difference between a runner and a jogger coming from a runner.


Differentiating the two

Here are some of the typical differences that you can spot between jogging and running to understand them better.

  • Efforts are more necessary in running activities in comparison with jogging.
  • In terms of pace, jogging consists of a rate less than six mph, while running is anything faster than six mph.
  • On the other hand, they are both excellent at burning calories. However, they only differ with the number of calories burned. Jogging can burn at least 91 calories at a pace of 5mph, while running can burn 113 calories at a 6-mph rate.
  • For the muscles, with a faster movement from running, more muscles are activated. They can even have longer strides with stronger muscles.
  • An intense workout produces an exercise after-burn. Maintaining this allows you to have a continuous calorie burn for up to 48 hours.
  • Due to its intensity, running is also more at risk of developing injuries as compared to jogging. Running requires further knowledge of proper running techniques to avoid these injuries from happening.

As shown above, we can say that jogging and running are different from one another. But then again, let’s see how these two activities can have an impact on our bodies.


Typical benefits of jogging and running

Generally speaking, jogging and running still have some things in common. They are both beneficial and excellent exercises to achieve full-body fitness goals. In support of that, below are some of the benefits you can enjoy by doing any of them.

  1. These two exercises can help build strong bones. They are both weight-bearing types of activities.
  2. They are excellent in strengthening your muscles as well.
  3. It is also best in improving an individual’s cardiovascular fitness, such as your heart and lungs.
  4. Furthermore, they are both essential for your weight management.
  5. Both of these exercises can increase endurance and stamina.
  6. They can even provide psychological benefits, which aids in improving mood.
  7. Additionally, the confidence of an individual gets boosted in the long run.
  8. Running and jogging also increases the opportunity to get better sleep.

As you can see, regardless of their differences mentioned earlier, the two activities still end up providing benefits in common. In general, both of them are beneficial at a certain level of exerting efforts.


Achieving fitness goals with running or jogging

Choosing any of the two is beneficial. However, it would help if you were precise and exact on what you want to achieve in the first place. Here are some tips on what you should do before doing either jogging or running.

  1. Consult your doctor about your health condition. Your body may not be fit for these activities. Health precautions may be necessary.
  2. Choose your shoes correctly. It would be best to wear comfortable shoes designated for jogging or running.
  3. For the first 6-7 consecutive weeks, do a 30-minute routine of running slowly. Build the strength that you need first in your knees and calves.
  4. You may start running outdoors. However, you have to consider the local system in your community when it comes to Covid-19 restrictions. On the positive side, you can still do a sweat-breaking run inside your backyard.young couple enjoying their run at the park
  5. When running outdoors, ensure to apply for sunscreen protection on your skin. Additionally, avoid running near roads for your safety. It would also help not to do these activities alone.
  6. You can buy a treadmill to run while at home in case your area is under lockdown during the pandemic.
  7. It would be best to keep your body the right amount of cooling time. Drinking water is excellent for this, before and after.
  8. Ensure to do warm-up exercises, such as stretching.

It would be best to know the activities and your health condition to ensure your safety. Remember, you are here to get fit. Not to get injured or put yourself at risk. Consider every single detail to achieve longer strides because running requires a little toughness from you.


General Conclusion

Whether it’s jogging or running you prefer, both of them will be beneficial for you. You only have to follow proper guidelines and techniques for both of them. In general, jogging and running both require stamina and mental ability to do longer strides and achieve better results.

Furthermore, the main difference between jogging and running is speed and distance. In reality, you will feel relaxed while you jog. On the other hand, running is more intensive. No matter what your preference would be, you have to stay motivated at doing it to achieve your fitness goals.


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