Beauty Tips: How To Contour Your Face In 5 Easy Steps

Beauty Tips: How To Contour Your Face In 5 Easy Steps

Facial contouring has been around for a long time now. But now, everyone has the skills to perfectly contour their faces. If you are looking for ways to naturally accentuate your face shape, you’ve come to the right place. While cosmetic surgery may be one of the most viable solutions to improve your appearance, facial contouring can help you revamp your looks just the same. Let’s discuss how to contour your face so you can avoid facelift surgery.



The Magic of Face Contouring

effects of contouringLet’s admit it; if we want to make any changes or improvements on our face, cosmetic surgery always pops out in our heads. Count to think of it; whether it’s about improving your nose, elevating your cheeks, or making your hairline lower, there is always a cosmetic surgery to choose from. Besides surgery you can also try anti wrinkle injections.

But did you know that you can get the same results with practice and dedication? All you need to do is to know how to contour your face. The right instruments, makeup, and knowing your face shape and skin tone will also help.

This makeup strategy seems too complicated for others, but the truth is anyone can master face contouring with the right skills and knowledge.

But wait, what exactly is facial contour?

Before we proceed to the step-by-step procedures in contouring, let us first understand what it means. Unlike highlights, which “highlights the features of the face” using light colors, contouring is the opposite. It is the application of darker tone makeup products in areas of the face that you want to define. For instance, one of the most contoured parts of the face is the nose. You can contour your nose by applying dark makeup on the sides of your nose to make it look smaller and sharper. The shade that you will use must be darker than your natural skin tone to achieve the shadow effect were aiming for.



What You Need

We are only discussing face contouring here, so let’s focus on the things we need solely for face contour procedures. First, here are the most famous contouring products used by most makeup artists these days:



Powder Contour.
  • A powder-based makeup contour palette is one of the easiest products to use. They provide a soft finish. Plus, it’s highly recommended for beginners because you can always work your way with it. This contour product is best used together with a contour brush.
Cream Contour.
  • If you are looking for a sharper finish and a more defined contour, cream contour sticks are the one for you. Because of its thick texture, you’ll be needing to use a beauty blender for this one. This makeup is perfect if you are aiming for a glamorous look for night events or dinner parties.
Liquid Contour.
  • Liquid contour is more advisable for advanced makeup artists. For this one, you’ll have to choose a darker shade than your skin tone if you want to achieve a flawless finish. Moreover, make sure that the shade you chose is also suitable for your undertone for a more natural look.



How To Contour Your Face

So let’s head on to the most amazing part. After figuring out the best contour products for your face, let us learn the basics of facial contouring.

Step 1: Put on your primer and foundation

Primer helps in reducing the appearance of pores. On the other hand, the foundation gives your skin a smoother complexion, making the effects of the contour more defined. In choosing a foundation, it should exactly match your skin tone to prevent uneven shade of your neck and face. Frequently, artists use a makeup brush or a beauty sponge to evenly apply the foundation to the face.

Step 2: Define your forehead.

The first thing that most makeup enthusiasts contour is their forehead. This is to make the shape of the forehead appear smaller. It will also help make the entire face look defined and smaller. Apply your contour product just below your hairline and gently blend it in, starting from your temple and working your way to the center. Next, do the same blending technique on the other side.

Step 3: Deepen your cheek and jaw.

cheek and jaw contourThis step is the most important part of facial contouring. After you contour your forehead, head on to your cheeks and jawline, you can find the hollows of your cheeks by sucking in your cheekbones. Next, apply the contour product on the line that will appear on your face. Blend the contour to remove sharp lines and edges. Next, apply contour below your jawline but be careful not to extend it to the chin. This will sharpen the appearance of your jaw and make your face shape look picture-perfect. Carefully blend it in until you get your desired dept.

Step 4: Contour your nose (if you prefer)

Not everyone is a fan of nose contouring. However, doing so can give you a smoother and much-defined finish. This will help to make the nose look smaller or sharper, whichever you are trying to achieve. First, apply just the right amount of contour on each side of your nose and add a sprinkle of highlight between them. Next, soften out the contour lines by using a small contour brush by blending lightly.

Step 5: Apply a highlighter and bronzer.

To complete your face contour routine. Don’t forget to apply your highlighter and bronzer. These two products will highlight the best features of your face and will effectively work with your contour for a defined finish.



Pro Tips!

Applying to makeup is a skill that not everyone posses. If you are just starting to love this artistic hobby, here are some of the things that you must consider:

  1. Determine your skin tone
  2. Know your type of skin.
  3. Find out your complexion.
  4. Always test makeup products before buying them.
  5. Read the instructions, labels, and materials used.





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