Forest Fire in Missoula Alerted Everyone

Forest Fire in Missoula Alerted Everyone

A forest fire in Montana, Missoula, at the Glacier National Park, forced authorities to order more evacuations, after having approached less than half a mile from a picturesque road.

For the authorities, the priority is always to protect the road named “Going-to-the-Sun” that runs through the park; and at the moment of the incident, the fire was spreading at a fast pace so they had to act and think very quickly. Firefighters were already setting up their equipment to prevent it from spreading even more. The news and local media were already on it providing live coverage and informing the Missoulians about it.

If the forest fire is allowed to grow and spread, the destabilization of the land could lead to the fall of rocks and trees for years, said Chief Operating Officer Rocky Gilbert.

According to their local website Visit Montana, the road extends across the park and the continental dividing border. One part of the 80 kilometers (50 miles) road had to be closed, and two lanes had to be blocked as well.

Authorities didn’t hesitate on maintaining evacuation and telling citizens that they may have to leave their places temporarily.

Missoula firesIn the park, store owners that are there to captivate tourists said the fire had already hurt them. They were struggling and being affected by the smoke cloud. Shelby Handlin, one of the co-owners of Glacier Outfitters, was one of the many who stated to the media that he was struggling and having a hard time fighting against the smoke. The fire won this round and the park visitors were prevented from performing the outdoor activities that its store supports.

The Missoula fires, in this park, occurred after authorities had said that a forest fire near Yosemite National Park had been completely contained, after being recently closed for a week, due to this.


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