Cardio Exercise Machines: The Best Choice for Exercises to Increase Speed

Cardio Exercise Machines: The Best Choice for Exercises to Increase Speed

There’s only one way to run faster – strengthen your lower-body muscles. You need to have strong legs if you want to increase your speed and your joints should have their maximum mobility range. There’s no other way to train but with cardio exercise machines. These home gym equipment pieces are the most efficient mediums in activating your lower-body muscles, which enables you to run faster. They are easy to use and operate, and they provide an excellent workout for your heart too.

Not only do they prepare your legs by stimulating multiple muscle groups at once, but they also improve your stamina and endurance to keep you going. If you want to learn more about these awesome pieces of exercise machines, you check out all kinds of modern equipment at


The Best Cardio Exercise Machines for Your Lower-Body

athletes runningWhen it comes to the best exercise machines to increase your speed, nothing beats the stationary bikes. Treadmills, ellipticals, and stair climbers are all excellent machines to develop your lower-body muscles, but the stationary bike has the perfect design to help you run faster. So, what is a stationary bike? A stationary bike is a type of cardio exercise machine designed to mimic the regular track bike. It is typically composed of a body or frame, handlebars, pedals, and a flywheel.

It’s the best choice to increase your speed because of the exercises you can perform with it. By sitting on the saddle while training, you get to focus on your lower-body muscles, giving them an optimised workout. The tension from your weight is reduced, and the cycling motion is gentle on your joints. The result, your legs build and develop muscles efficiently. In no particular order, here are the best cardio exercise machines that we recommend to help you runs faster:

The Recumbent Bike: The recumbent bike has a large reclinable seat which provides back support while you train. Because of the reclined position when seated on this exercise bike, your leg muscles’ amount of stress and strain are considerably reduced.

Exercises to Increase Speed:

  • Adjust the seat to your preferred angle
  • Warm-up for at least five minutes
  • Spend another five minutes cycling on low-intensity
  • Make sure that you maintain the proper form
  • Choose the right resistance level for your training style
  • Include interval training
  • Don’t forget to perform cooldown exercises
  • Exercise at least thirty minutes per day, five days in a week


The Upright Bike: You can say that the upright bike is the complete opposite of the recumbent bike because of the seat’s design and position. The seat is considerably smaller, and it’s placed directly on top of the flywheel. The design gives your legs an optimised workout, and you can also attach additional handlebars to focus on your core strength and development.

Exercises to Increase Speed:

  • Perform stretches for warm-up at least five minutes
  • Start pedalling with low-resistance for five to ten minutes
  • Follow up with medium-resistance for another five minutes
  • Top up with high-resistance for five minutes
  • Finish with low-Intensity for five minutes
  • The last step serves as your cooldown exercise
  • Repeat the process five days a week


The Spin Bike: If you want the most realistic feeling of the outdoor cycling experience inside your home, then you must try the spin bike. The design of the spin bike is specifically engineered to mimic the regular track bike. The seat is at the same height as the handlebars, and the flywheel uses a chain or belt, just like the real thing. Spin bikes are ideal for increasing your speed and improving your cardio.

Exercises to Increase Speed:

  • Start with a three-minute warm-up on the spin bike
  • Then perform a thirty-second sprint on high-speed followed by a thirty-second easy cycling
  • Alternate for at least six minutes
  • Then try a three-minute moderate spinning
  • Repeat the second steps for three rounds
  • Cooldown for three-minutes on low-speed
  • Repeat at least five days a week


Other Benefits of the Exercises to Increase Speed

Since the nature of the exercises to increase speed requires long hours of training, you can also achieve other health benefits that are also significant to your overall health. Here’s a summary:

  • Provides an excellent way to improve cardio and overall heart health
  • Burns fats and calories effectively
  • Low-impact
  • Improves balance and stability
  • Improves the lymphatic flow
  • Aids with natural detoxification
  • Improves the immune system
  • Helps release serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Enhances your overall athleticism


Buying Tips:

Before you invest in any cardio machine, please make sure that you only buy the most recognised brands to ensure quality, performance, functionality, and durability. Also, look for these essential features:

  • Max weight-bearing capacity
  • Responsive braking system
  • Stable frame or body
  • Adjustable seat
  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Smooth and fluid flywheel motion
  • Safety clip on the pedals
  • Safety floor anchors
  • Easy assembly


Alternative Exercise Machines to Increase Speed

Technically, all types of cardio machines can help you run faster. All types are designed to focus on the lower-body primarily, so, you can try out any of these machines to improve your speed. Here’s a list:

  • Treadmills: Manual or electric
  • Elliptical trainers: Regular ellipticals or elliptical cross trainers
  • Stair climbers: Full-set or the compact steppers only
  • Rowing machines: The magnetic, hydraulic, flywheel, and water rowing machines


Bottom Line

We recommend using indoor exercise machines to perform exercises to increase speed because of their advantages over outdoor walking or running exercises. With indoor training, you can reduce the risks of encountering risky drivers, rough terrain, and unpredictable weather changes. Another advantage is the exercise machine’s modern technology. They provide less stress on your joints compared with running on hard surfaces. Some of them, like treadmills, have shock absorption technology. They can also help you save time, money, and effort by not going to commercial gyms or fitness centres. You can focus on your training anytime without paying for membership fees.

So, if you want to perform the exercises to increase speed, choose the right home gym equipment that matches your training style, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.


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