Dental Implant Healing Time

Dental Implant Healing Time

A dental implant is a necessary procedure for people who’ve lost one or more of their teeth. Leaving spaces which are empty in your mouth can make you susceptible to a plethora of health problems, such as jawbone damage and even facial deterioration. Dental implant protects you from these risks of losing a tooth.  There are other benefits that it has to offer  and you can learn more by visiting

Some people are scared of this procedure, because they think that the dental implant healing time will appear to be too long and daunting to bear. In reality, dental implant healing is nothing to be afraid of, because in most cases it’s short.

While it all depends on an individual and the quality of dental procedure received, most people will feel discomfort only for a few days and be recommended to be on a soft diet. Slight discomfort and mild swelling might occur for a couple of days after the procedure. These are easily comforted by prescribed medicine of the DDSS Dentist Sydney CBD clinic. dental implant healing time

After about a week, most people will feel perfectly normal and will be able to return to their usual diet. In rare cases, some people might be advised by their dentists to stay on a soft diet for more than a month after the dental procedure, but this type of case is rare.

Dental implant healing time might be longer if a patient is prone to unhealthy habits, such as smoking, regular drinking, and poor hygiene habits. Because of it, post-procedure patients are recommended to limit their cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking for up to ten days, because it might impair their dental implant healing time.

In conclusion, dental implant healing time is short. Most people will feel completely normal after a week, after being on a soft diet for a couple of days. In some rare cases, healing will take more than a month. It all depends on the health of a patient and their lifestyle.


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