Latest Health Topics: 2 COVID Survivor Stories To Inspire You Today!

Latest Health Topics: 2 COVID Survivor Stories To Inspire You Today!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people all over the world. Apart from its massive impact on the economy, the coronavirus pandemic has taken the lives of innocent people from different countries. Studies show that its effect on physical and mental health causes distress to so many people. Lucky COVID-19 survivors opt to consult a psychologist to recover from the traumatic experience. Some COVID survivor stories say that even after the patients left the hospital, the horrors and trauma that they felt during their treatment stayed with them.

The Stories of COVID-19 Survivors

Ivuoma Tom- A Registered Nurse

covid storyIvuoma is a COVID-19 survivor and a registered nurse at a private hospital located in Benin State. She states that she is fully aware of her profession’s risks as it exposes her to different diseases, including COVID. Despite protecting herself and taking an online course on shielding herself from the virus, Ivuoma still got infected. She spent two weeks fighting the disease, and just like everyone else, it felt like a long battle that she just wanted to get over with.

According to her, the hospital staff, including the doctors and nurses, take all the precautionary measures to ensure their safety. But one day, she got in contact with a COVID-exposed patient without her knowledge.

Even though she does not have any symptoms yet, she and her colleague decided to self-isolate. A few days after she isolated herself, Ivuoma got the test results, and she tested positive. She recalls that the first two weeks were okay and thought that everything would be better, but on the 16th day, the symptoms came in and got much worse over time.

Support System

What kept Ivuoma going is the love and support from her fiancé, sister, and brother-in-law. On her third day with oxygen, she was already losing hope and sent her fiancé a message saying that she’s not sure if she will survive. But he insisted that everything would be okay and made it possible for her to be transferred to a much more capable facility. Recovering from the infection wasn’t easy, but she is now a survivor, ready to share her story.

Ivuoma’s story is just one of the many COVID-19 stories that tell us to cherish life as it is and always to prioritize our health.

Eugene- A Frontline Worker with a Heart

It was April 2020 when Eugene decided to take some time off from his work in the elderly care home and spend time with his family in their new house. But on his way back home, he felt like something was not okay. He began to feel the first symptoms of COVID-19, and as much as he hated to admit it, it cannot be denied that his work puts him at risk of the virus.

All Eugene could think of is how he will not infect his wife and child and all the passengers on the train. In between his thoughts, he spent the entire train ride thinking of how he contracted COVID-19 and how he would get better.

Home At Last

Eugene was very excited to be home, but sadly, he had to isolate himself. He set up a tent in their garden and stayed there despite the temperature dropping especially at night. The signs of COVID-19 then begin to set in: dry cough, fever, chills, and body pain. He kept himself wrapped in layers of sheets, but nothing seemed to help.

The health services confirmed that he indeed caught COVID, and that’s where he started to worry a lot.

“I felt chills down my spine. Will I die? What will happen to my family? Will I survive this?” These are the questions in his head.

As days go by, his health starts to get weak, and the signs of COVID start to worsen until he loses his sense of taste and smell. His head nurse advised him to stay at home. Because his case is mild and since he is still young, hospitals will most likely not accommodate him anyway. He cared for his health and treated himself with paracetamol, like how he cared for his patients.

Eugene took the free time he got to search for topics related to COVID-19, how he is going to be healthy again, and updated himself with the latest news.

one of covid survivor storiesAfter more than three weeks, he felt the symptoms gradually faded, and he is feeling better. He extended his isolation for another week to be sure and is now back at work with more protective equipment.

Eugene’s COVID-19 story is another proof that the pandemic can be defeated and that if you are currently suffering from it, you can be a survivor too.

Fighting COVID-19 Together

Indeed, COVID-19 has changed a lot of lives. It has taken too many lives, and it keeps on doing so. It does sound tragic, but it’s not too late to get back up and be healthy. Doctors state that the virus attacks the immune system. That is why strengthening your immunity is your best chance to keep yourself COVID-free.






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