Tom Anthony

Most embarrassing moment on the air: It happened 25 years ago Ö my brain was working faster than my mouth.  I combined two words, which came out as one of the seven you canít say on the air.  I actually gave my notice that day, but seven years later, came back to working in radio because ďI love it!Ē 

Favorite sport: FOOTBALL!!!!!!! 
Favorite toy as a child: Canít remember back that far! LOL
What do you eat for breakfast: Anything that isnít moving. 
Best subjects in school: English.  
What would you do on a perfect day off: Go fishing on a sunny summer day! 
Favorite ice cream: Peppermint Bon Bon (thatís showing my age because I think they call it something different now). 
Favorite movie: Too many to mention! 
Favorite food: Anything that isnít moving! (see above)
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota 

More on JJ coming soon!