Toe Fusion Recovery Advice

Toe Fusion Recovery Advice

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Have you recently had toe fusion surgery on your arthritic big toe? Then you’re probably wondering about the recovery process. For instance, what happens during and after surgery? And more importantly, what should you do to help in your recovery? Let Home Doctors Gold Coast provide the best and affordable home doctor visiting service you need anywhere in the Gold Coast area, Call us now! Here’s all you need to know about toe fusion recovery advice.

What is Toe Fusion Surgery? toe fusion recovery advice

This is a surgical procedure to treat a stiff, painful, arthritic big toe or hallux rigidus. Performed under local or general anesthetic, the surgery straightens the bent toe by holding the joint straight with internal wires, screws, or clips. The result is a pain-free and slightly mobile toe.

What to Expect Immediately after Surgery

After the surgery, your big toe remains numb for a while as a result of the local anesthetic. It also has wires protruding from the bandages at the front end. Although they may be unnerving at first, the wires cause no pain or discomfort and are painlessly pulled out after about a month.

Also expect to start seeing a physiotherapist, who helps you walk during your recovery and recommends padded shoes. In addition, you receive painkillers and TOE FUSION RECOVERY ADVICE from your surgeon, who then books your outpatient appointments.

What to Do in the First Few Weeks of Recovery

In the first few weeks after surgery, do the following to aid in your recovery:
• Don’t exert weight or pressure on the operated toe
• Keep your foot off the ground as much as possible to control swelling. If you can keep the foot above the level of your chest, the better.
• Take the pain medication as prescribed by the surgeon
• Keep off of anti-inflammatory drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, which may delay the healing process
• Expect some blood to ooze into the bandage
• For the first four weeks, cover the toe in a waterproof material when you shower.
• Shower with the toe uncovered after four weeks, but dry the wound soon after
• Leave the scabs on your wound to fall by themselves. Don’t pick at them.
• Consult your surgeon if the swelling persists or re-occurs.
• Wear only padded physiotherapy shoes for four to six weeks.
• Schedule follow-up appointments to have stitches and wires removed, and your progress reviewed


Recovering from toe fusion surgery is a straightforward process if you know what to expect during surgery and what to do afterward. And after six weeks, you can resume a normal life, including walking and driving.

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Are Professional House Doctors Useful?

Are Professional House Doctors Useful?

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A professional house doctor is a physician who has the necessary skills and knowledge to provide not only continuing and comprehensive health care but also preventative services. A house doctor can establish a temporary residence at a certain premise and be of help during a medical emergency one example is the Registered Doctors of HomeDoctorsSydney. Without further ado, let’s look at the importance of professional house doctors.

They deal with a wide range of conditions

Whether it’s a biological condition, a social problem or a behavioral problem, house doctors will help you professional house doctors solve it. This works to your advantage. After all, physical conditions aren’t the only problems affecting people nowadays.

They treat patients wholly

More often than not, a house doctor knows the patient’s history in detail. A comprehensive medical, family, social and economic history usually comes in handy when a doctor is dealing with any chronic illness. Having a thorough knowledge of the patients’ conditions helps house doctors offer the best medical service you can ever find.

They are all-round

Professional house doctors can handle acute conditions such as trauma and sinus infections. They can also handle chronic infections such as diabetes among others. Besides, they can monitor your pregnancy from the first to the last trimester. As if that is not all, they can perform some surgical procedures like abscess drainage. Amazing, isn’t it?

They will help you find the right specialist

When you need a certain specialist, for instance, a cardiologist, a nephrologist or an oncologist, a professional house doctor can help you find the one who suits your needs. This is because a house doctor knows you better than anyone as he has built a relationship with you.

They improve lives and help save cash

Professional house doctors not only diagnose and manage conditions but also offer preventative advice that will help you stay away from diseases. Moreover, they will offer you nutritional and fitness advice, which is essential to preventing lifestyle diseases among others. Why spend much on treating a disease you can cheaply prevent?
My Opinion

From the discussion above, it’s crystal clear that professional house doctors are useful in many ways. They help in the proper maintenance of health and desirable lifestyle. After all, health is a global priority, isn’t it?

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Difference between sedation and anesthesia

Difference between sedation and anesthesia

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Medically, there two main methods used to kill pain during minor and major surgeries. In the dental field specifically, dentists can either opt to put a patient under anesthesia or to sedate them depending on the dental procedure at hand. Many people find it hard to tell the difference between sedation and anesthesia. Below is a detailed explanation of each from

Difference between sedation and anesthesia

Dental sedation

Dental sedation involves a variety of techniques used to kill pain and keep a patient calm during a long dental procedure. Dental sedation helps keep the patient relaxed in a long dental procedure in the sense that the operation is carried out without the patient flinching or behaving in any way that could affect the dentist’s concentration. Sedation is commonly applied in procedures such as fixing crowns and root canal procedures.

Dental sedation techniques include;

Local anesthesia

In dentistry, a local anesthesia is induced to kill pain in one part of the body which is obviously your mouth. This is can be administered topically as an injection. Primarily, anesthesia focuses on numbing one particular place for the purposes of a dental procedure.

Dental anesthetics are divided into two groups that include;

  • Esters ( Benzocaine and procaine)
  • Amides ( lidocaine, articaine, mepivacaine and prilocaine)

The distinction

Basically, sedation and anesthesia are meant to kill pain for the purpose of a dental procedure. However, the main difference between these two procedures is their purpose and suitability. Sedation, for example, is meant to calm a patient or put them to sleep during a dental procedure. This procedure makes the patient relax completely which gives the dentist room for maximum concentration during a long dental procedure

Local anesthesia, on the other hand, involves killing pain or numbing one specific place for a medical procedure. The patient remains awake with only the numbed part free of pain. Local anesthesia is normally administered for short and less complex dental procedures.

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Breast Implant Reconstruction

Breast Implant Reconstruction

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A popular method of breast reconstruction is the use of breast implants. There are two types of breast implants used during a breast restoration procedure.  One is salt implants and the other silicone implants. Salt implants comprise of a salt-filled container while the silicone implants are hard pieces made of a soft silicone sticky substance similar to human fat. You will get assistance from the plastic surgeon to choose the right type of implant. Read on to learn more about the breast restoration procedure.

Note that implant reconstruction has other options such as immediate breast reconstruction and the late reconstruction. In case of the immediate reconstruction, the procedure is a simultaneous operation where after the mastectomy the plastic surgeon will at the same time install some implants to restore the tissue that has been lost.

On the other hand, late reconstruction, which is more popular is done in two distinct phases. Mastectomy is done at first then the patient is given time to heal before the implants are installed. Note that during this healing time a tissue expander placed on the chest position is filled with saline solution for about half a year. During this time the breast skin will have stretched large enough to allow the next installing procedure of implanting. implant reconstruction

Breast implant reconstruction by flap tissue technique

Tissue flap reconstruction is where individual own body tissue is used to rebuild their breast. The most common form of tissue flap reconstruction is the dorsolateral pubis, which uses the upper dorsal tissue and the transverse rectal flap that uses the lower abdomen tissue. The latissimus dorsi flap uses the skin of the upper back muscles to create a socket in the chest region where the implant will be installed.

This procedure is recommended since it usually provides enough tissue hence no additional implant reconstruction is needed. If the tissue if from the removal of fat and skin from the abdominal cavity, not only are you restoring your breasts you also have a flat tummy.

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Supplements for High Blood Pressure

Supplements for High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure is a serious medical condition where the high pressure of the blood poses risks to the blood vessel. Unfortunately, this condition can go for years without being noticed. This might end up causing more serious health problems like a heart attack or stroke. Below are supplements you can choose for high blood pressure that will help reduce the risks.

1. Magnesium supplement

Deficiency of magnesium in the body results in a constricted blood vessel. Magnesium supplement, therefore, helps in dilating and relaxing the blood vessels. It also regulates the functions of healthy cells in the body while assisting in muscle fiber contraction.

2. Omega 3 fatty acids supplements

Flax-seed and fish oil supplement in omega 3 have various benefits to the body that helps in lowering high blood pressure. This supplements improve cardiovascular tone and lower bad cholesterols (LDL) in the body. This then helps in reducing the risks associated with high blood pressure.

3. Co-enzyme Q10 supplement supplements for high blood pressure

Supplementation of CoQ10 in the body helps in strengthening the blood vessels. They are also good in lowering the diastolic and systolic blood pressure with minimum side effects on hypertensive patients. CoQ10 supplement is safe and very useful to patients who already have pre-existing heart conditions.

4. Potassium supplement

This is a very important supplement in the body as it’s known to counteract sodium effect and helps against high blood pressure risks. Numerous studies have revealed that potassium supplements help in lowering blood pressure. This was also supported by the American Heart Association who pointed out that this supplement reduces pressure on the walls of arteries.

In conclusion

Patients with high blood pressure should consider a healthy and active lifestyle on their daily routine. This will help in mitigating the effects of high blood pressure. The above supplements combined with other medications may help reduce the pressure of blood.

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The Amazing Facts About Dental Health

The Amazing Facts About Dental Health

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Having a strong general information about dental health will enable you to take great care of your teeth which will keep a few inconveniences that are the immediate aftereffect of the absence of learning around there, the reason for this article is to give some speedy, intriguing and helpful certainties when it appears to dentistry. For more additional info about dental health, you can visit the website. The vast majority of the general population are very little mindful of the different health-related viewpoints that are extremely basic.

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Main Consequences Of Obesity

Main Consequences Of Obesity

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Many people probably understand that being overweight is dangerous for their health. However, despite the fact that many do not understand the severe consequences of obesity, they instead prefer to add more weight leading to numerous body complications and illnesses. As stated above, overweight increases the likelihood of suffering from many diseases.  

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3 year old tooth decay treatment

3 year old tooth decay treatment

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Tooth decay happens when the tooth enamel breaks down as a result of an attack by bacteria and other factors. Oral health is vital for the maintenance of healthy teeth and general body wellness since the mouth is the gateway to other body parts. It is essential to ensure that the teeth are clean at least twice per meal to prevent attack by bacteria that remains on the enamel. Teeth problem does not only affect adults, but it also affects children under the age of five years. If you have dental problems for your children, you can visit Children’s dental emergency for treatment.

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Obtaining Quality Home Healthcare

Obtaining Quality Home Healthcare

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Quality home healthcare is a helpful home help service to seniors and their families. Choosing to use a reliable home care organization gives compensatory points of interest; incorporate a wide range of quality medical services. Older people that decide to receive medical services at home have the opportunity to live healthy and prolific lives in the home. Visit to know more about home healthcare.

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5 Key Pressure Point for Toothache

5 Key Pressure Point for Toothache

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With lots of pain, your body may undergo stress. And aching of the tooth is one of those pains that should not be ignored. And for this reason, we are going to guide you through pressure point for toothache to help relieve you of that pain as you seek further medical intervention. You can also visit to know some tips on how to relieve your tooth pain.

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery Time

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Many people today are still skeptical or straight out afraid when it comes to chirurgical interventions, despite the fact that medicine has made tremendous progress lately. This is due to the fact that we live more agitated and fast-paced lives, anxious to the days that pass in the calendar which fewer people would be willing to deal with the recovery process after an operation such as the Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery, which we will have a look at.

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